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Estival recommendations

Attempting to escape from the capitalist society in which I live- gosh, my life is so hard- I've endeavored away from consumption this summer. Instead, I’ve focused my efforts vehemently towards enlightening myself via the arts. Having now reached my final form: pretentious law student, I wish to share the finest bits with you. Yes you, my dearest friend, the reader, this way you may find some inspiration for the summer to come!


I decided to re-read the riveting Patrick Melrose Series, after suffering through reading some really boring books (all of my own volition). I have been recommending this book to my friends for years now due to the intense journey this semi-autobiographical novel takes you on. The story centers around Patrick (played by Benedict Cumberbatch in the TV series), a minted Brit having gone through a plethora of traumatic moments in his childhood. As a result, Patrick becomes an addict in his early adult life. The series' brilliance lies in how it paints the human experience, a sequence of metamorphoses from self-destruction to improvement. Simply put: heart wrenching, witty, and entertaining.

Fair warning, this book includes many themes that are deeply upsetting and can be triggering for some; including (but not limited to): sexual assault, drug and alcohol abuse, and violence.


Hannah Lupton Reinhard is a fantastic young artist that explores identity as a Jewish woman in the context of American society. Through her use of ‘fantasy realism’, Reinhard dives into the performative nature of religion and our self-image obsessed society. I adore her wild use of swarovski gemstones and color- especially how the warmth of her palette invites the viewers into her dream-like nostalgic world.

The best way I could describe her art to someone that hasn’t seen any pieces yet is that if you could eat her art, it’d be like eating sour belts.

Check out her instagram here.


Best for last. If you haven’t listened to Toro y Moi’s “Mahal” yet, let’s see if I can convince you.

Genre wise, the album is a nice melange of psychedelic-electronic, hypnagogic pop, and jazz-funk. A reminder of lackadaisical 70s psychedelic rock, the progression of the album is smooth and uniquely experimental in its own way. If you’re a fan of artists like LCD Soundsystem, Tame Impala, or MacDemarco I think you’ll probably like this too.

Do you have any recommendations for things we should check out? Let us know via instagram!

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