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Delegates tired of the never-ending discussions in the UNSC

After countless unmoderated caucus’, at the end of the day the council split. But not in two different blocs working on two different working papers rather a group working arduously on one and the other group all just vegetating tired on their places, overwhelmed by so many discussions and repetitions.

Indeed some delegates may have taken it too far on some details and polishing the working paper, it is just that: a working paper. It doesn’t need to be perfect.

This is probably what most these delegates of the sidelines were thinking, exhausted by the pure chaos that are the unmoderated caucus’. And as they awaited the chairs to come back to call it a day, an eery silence set in with only the clacking of keys reverberating in the Council Chamber.

And once tea time arrived and the Chairs suspended the discussions and everyone went home, the arduous signatories of the resolution went into overtime to finish and upload it in time.

- Anonymous Delegate


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