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Simon Wirtz

After completing a traineeship in journalism in Germany, Simon joined The Diplomat's audiovisual team in the last academic year. He co-hosted the podcast series 'Abducted Art and Cultural Theft', in which he together with his colleague interviewed several experts on art crime and colonial heritage, following the traces of stolen colonial art to South America. This year, beside volunteering as an editor, Simon will co-host a podcast series about the immensely difficult socio-economic situation in Sri Lanka, and attempt on making a step into the realm of videography. When he isn't recording podcasts, he most likely will either listen to one, play with his dog Luna, or do both at the same time. Simon furthermore enjoys playing tennis, going out for a drink with friends, reading crime novels by Jo Nesbo or any kind of non-fiction book about contemporary sociological topics, and listening to music, with his favourite artists being Bonobo and Christian Löffler.

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