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Hadrian Di Ianni

Above anything else, Hadrian would consider himself to be a storyteller. The worlds he creates have always been his favourite stories to tell, but growing up between different cultures and coming into contact with other communities, he’s come to find stories outside of his own art, discovering the same passion in shedding light on the global issues all around us but hiding in plain sight. His main dream is combining his creativity, in cinema and in journalism, with his knowledge in international law, so as to achieve advocacy for those who can’t speak up, and change in the structures and constructs in all legal or social spheres that disfavor every individual’s enjoyment of their human rights. This very ambition is what led Hadrian to the Maastricht Diplomat, initially to explore his stories and interests through different mediums (such as podcast and video), and more recently, as co-head, to coordinate audiovisual reporters and explore with them new forms of journalism and creativity, in a way that reflects and embraces each and every journalist’s diverse voice, as he strongly believes every individual has one to share.

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