Anahita Lotfollahzadeh

Anahita is an Iranian that has grown up in Germany. Now, she is considered one of the *rare* Germans studying Psychology at Maastricht University (play “Englishman in New York). If you ever wonder about her whereabouts, look out for tea and coffee stains on the ground. She can’t be far.
Other than writing and reading, especially poetry, she likes “turning things into rocket science” and trying out anything you could think of. Speaking of, she is convinced that psychology helps her understand the world and its dynamics more profoundly. After all, wouldn’t things be better, if we understood ourselves, thus everybody else, more clearly? She aspires to share food for thought with anyone who is just as eager to figure it out. Whatever that is. As long as everything is as interconnected as is, there’s enough to wonder, ponder, write and ask questions about. Her strongest opinion? Questions are the best type of sentence – feel free to change her mind.