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University Council Elections 2023

This year, the University elections will run from the 8th till the 11th of May. In the case of the University Council, all students are free to vote for their representatives. As a quick summary- the University Council is the representative body of the University, which works with the Executive Board to make the most important decisions regarding the student body. It is in total comprised of 20 members, of which students make up 10 of the total allocated seats. Students can vote from the list of available candidates and the ones elected will be members of the Council for a term of one year.

For these 2023 elections, we have 4 parties with a total of 64 students on the list and one independent candidate. The main concerns proposed by the political programs revolve around sustainability, housing, quality education and international integration.


Not much information is known on the only non-party affiliated candidate. There has been no response from the student, but more details can be found in their List.


DOPE is one of the largest parties at the University and last year they won the majority of the seats in the University Council. Their election program aims to ensure high quality education standards with more available learning spaces. They also focus on providing affordable student housing, improving the accessibility of UM online platforms and ensuring its internationalisation. Additionally, they encourage more sustainable behaviour within the University.


Being part of the Climate Network initiative, KAN is the more environmentally oriented party. Within their manifesto, KAN reinforces its commitment to a more sustainable University, with a focus towards social responsibility and green platforms. They also tackle other issues such as student housing, diversity and inclusivity and transparency. They plan to invest more in the wellbeing of both students and staff, as well as ensuring social safety and prevention of violence.


Initially part of the Faculty of Law, LEX has in recent years also been running for University Council. LEX’s election program is strongly oriented towards digitalization of University’s resources, more accessibility within the University Library and availability of more language courses. They also encourage the introduction of sustainable practices within UM, supporting students through the current housing crisis and improving the community and international feeling of the student body.


NovUM is one of the fastest growing parties at UM and this year they hold an extensive list of 27 students for University Council. The pillars of their political campaign lie on the importance of finding short and long-term solutions to the housing crisis, facilitating a quality and integrated education and raising awareness on the importance of implementing sustainable policies. They also pride themselves on being the party for international students and accordingly, they value internationalisation.


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