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[The Rapid Roman] Breaking: Our Senators’ Prayers were Heard!

Pakis Kluvatiis, leader of the Marmertini, fled with his party boat. At the same time, our strategic Roman forces anticipated a Punic intervention from the West and detached 40 ships to intercept them. Unfortunately, the brave soldiers on these ships were overwhelmed by the 220 Carthaginian naval war forces, but were able to sink 60 of them. While our fearless Romans tackled the Punic fleet, the remaining 160 Carthaginian ships were able to flank our doomed Roman warriors, who had arranged themselves in an arrow formation. Half of our Roman fleet was sunk. Oh Gods, please spare us from further tragedy! Yet, the other half of our soldiers landed with two prepared legions north of Messana, where some of the Punic troops were spotted. Meanwhile, 15’000 infantry forces from Carthage attacked the illustrious city of Regium, yet failed to take the city. With 10’000 troops lost for Carthage, compared to only one legion of our strong Roman army, today we can thank our Goddesses Minerva and Victoria for a glorious win for Rome!

- Livia Aurelia Littera, Correspondent for The Rapid Roman

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