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[The Daily News] The Dark Clouds of War are looming over Europe

The eyes of history are on Europe, for tensions are rising in a war that threatens to disrupt peaceful balance. The Ottoman Empire and French powers chart the course of impending battles against the Russian Empire, and amidst whispers of alliance, the British position remains yet to be declared. 

Duc Fialin de Persigny declared French war on the Russian Empire in the early morning hours during an assembly in the city of Vienna. The French are standing in solidarity with the Ottoman Empire who claim invasion of their territories within the Black Sea by Russian soldiers. 

The United Kingdom is rumored to soon align with the Russian Empire. Queen Victoria attests supporting the Russian cause of protecting the Christians of the Empire, but prefers avoiding the destructive costs of a World War. Yet, following the French declaration of hostility against the Russian Empire, the Queen of England has been attending private talks with Count Mikhail Dmietrivich Gorchakov, General of the Russian Artillery. The General firmly denies all allegations of invading foreign territory. 

The alliances forming shall determine the course of a war that in these hours seems inescapable. Ottoman leaders have been observed in a meeting with the French Duc, allegedly joined by members of the Italian Ministry. It is foreseeable that Prussian and Austrian forces, too, will side with their neighbors. Should the British deliberate siding with the Russian Empire, they will find themselves faced with a joined block of central European forces.

Britons, the world you are waking up to today is different from the days of peace and stability that lie behind us. The British decision of alliance shall shape the course of our future, and the fate of the European continent.

EuroMUN Committee: Historical Crisis (Crisis)


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