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The Crown: a series that immerses you in the royal life

Photo: Annie Spratt / unsplash

If you are a big fan of the British royal family or you just like to watch what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are doing, — the series 'The Crown' by Netflix may find a place in your heart. It is considered to be one of the most expensive shows in history (each episode has a budget of $5 million), and you can feel it from the very beginning: impressive acting, gorgeous camerawork, sets, everything is done to please your eye.

The series covers contemporary milestones in the history of the royal family, beginning with the wedding of Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip in 1947 and ending with the story of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. With more seasons expected, perhaps we might see the ‘younger' guard – Prince William, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, and Meghan Markle, who are on everyone's radar right now. In addition to their weddings, there were many stories that we would like to hear from the perspective of the show, such as rumors of Prince William's infidelity or the process of how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to give up their royal duties.

Even though the cast on this series has changed throughout four seasons (and it is strange to watch two seasons of Claire Foy playing the young Queen, and then in the third and fourth seasons follow Olivia Colman as the Queen, who does not even look a bit like Claire Foy), this fact does not spoil the overall feeling one gets from the show. Almost everyone has heard about some high-profile situations that involved the monarchy in Britain in the 20th and the 21st century, but to observe what it allegedly looked like from the inside adds even more interest.

The immersion in history accompanied by incredibly talented actors and beautiful filming is quite easy, although the series describes quite difficult moments: the death of George VI, the death of Winston Churchill, the Aberfan disaster, the crises faced by Britain, and the intra-family crises that took place in the Windsor family itself.

Everything is also not without love drama: we can get a lot of sympathy for Princess Margaret, the Queen's younger sister, who cannot marry Peter Townsend, the army colonel of the British BBC. We also observe how slowly but surely Charles and Diana's marriage is falling apart, and part of us senses that these are not only famous people far away from us. They are also going through their problems and their fears. In a way, the show 'humanizes' the members of the royal family and brings them closer to the people.

As a separate favorite for me in this series, I would include the story of Margaret Thatcher. Everyone has heard about the fact that she is considered an iron lady and did a lot for Britain. But what exactly happened, why Britain needed help at all and how exactly Margaret Thatcher became an iron lady – you can learn about this when you watch season 4 of 'The Crown'. Another interesting thing is that the role of Thatcher was played by Gillian Anderson and she has a fantastic performance in this show.

According to some sources, even Elizabeth ll praised the series, especially the first season. Of course, this is unconfirmed information, but if you imagine for a second that it is true – who are we to argue with the Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Hence, it is a clear sign to watch at least Season 1!


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