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SBE Faculty Council Elections 2021: a brief synopsis on the parties

The decision for the SBE Faculty Council next year is set to be decided in the upcoming election between 17th to 20th May. The Faculty Council comprises one chair (Lisbeth Evers), a council secretary (Peter Van Wersch), two advisors and nine members. The purpose of this council is to issue advice whether “solicited or otherwise”. This advice pertains to all faculty matters, as well as decisions on the path of the curriculum. For this reason, the Council consists of students, staff, support and management staff.

For more information regarding the nature of the Faculty Council click here.

There are 6 lists that voters can choose from:


DOPE has put forward eight candidates for this year’s election for the SBE Faculty Council. The party has five main arguments for why you should vote for them for the Council. Firstly, improving the quality of education of students, including a screening process for tutors. Secondly, a promotion of social interaction with students, particularly regarding the impact of Covid-19. Thirdly, creating a practical guide for first year students. Fourthly, a focus on efficiency of booking study spaces. Finally, lowering the cost for students, such as reducing cafeteria prices.

For more specific information on the candidates, click here.

List 2: Nora Theiss

Nora Theiss is an independent candidate for the Faculty Council. She is currently a pre-master’s student from Germany and has previous experience in representing students from her time in Germany. Nora wishes to make student voices are heard and improve the study experience for SBE students.

For more specific information on Nora, click here.

List 3: Skyscrapers in Maastricht

This new party is campaigning for the improvement and potential construction of new university buildings, including the vision of a new library. The party is headed and founded by Giulio Atzori. His goals are more study spaces and the general improvement of the study experience.

For more specific information on Giulio, click here.

List 4: NovUM SBE

NovUM has nine candidates running for positions in the Council and includes members of the pan-European party, Volt, after the two partnered together for this election. NovUM’s policies focus on communication, digitalisation, career orientation, more potential partnerships, examinations and sustainability. The parties seek to improve these aspects of student life at SBE with a notable example of removing proctoring in exams, as well as increased student participation in upcoming decisions.

For more information about the candidates and the party, click here.

List 5: KAN Party SBE

KAN party has six candidates put forward for the SBE Faculty Council. KAN’s policies centre around climate change and environmentalism. They are a coalition of student and local organisations. Their main goal is to have the university take steps to a more environmentally aware, as well as responsible way of operation.

For more information on the party and the candidates, click here.

List 6 United Students of Maastricht (USM) SBE

USM advocates for the interests of Maastricht’s international students and currently holds three of the six seats on the SBE Faculty as a party. Next to diversity and internationalism, the election programme addresses student well-being and sustainability.

For more information on the party and the candidates, click here.


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