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[Reuters] LIVE: China to invade Taiwan.

MAASTRICHT, 20 MAY 2023, 09:30 GMT.

NATO member states are having lengthy discussions this morning to craft a communiqué on the alliance’s position on China-Taiwan relations. Consensus has already been found on advancing existing partners, economic cooperation and encouraging discussion with China. However, Hungary is asking for compromise on certain points including strategic ambiguity, warfare and China’s monopoly on microchips. The Hungarian delegate is the centre of attention of the meeting as formal and informal negotiations are underway.

MAASTRICHT 20 MAY 2023, 09:52 GMT

As tensions have never been so high in the Taiwan strait according to Germany, NATO partners are showing disagreement on the response to provide. Two points of contention in the draft communiqué are a potential partnership with the Philippines, and a clause on immediate reaction from NATO members in case of unilateral attack on Taiwan. The United States advocates for a “strong mechanism for extreme circumstances”, while Canada uses the example of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to call for a more efficient response mechanism. Hungary wants to institutionalise relations with China, while Lithuania stresses on the importance of diplomacy and elaborating a wording signalling NATO’s unity.

MAASTRICHT, 20 MAY 2023, 09:58 GMT

Reports are coming from Taiwanese citizens that the People’s Republic of China has started bombing the island of Taiwan. There is no land invasion at the moment. A press conference is underway.

MAASTRICHT 20 MAY 2023, 10:00 GMT

The press conference commences, present are Reuters, Fox News as well as the Global Times.

Find Reuters full coverage of the conference here.


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