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[Reuters] Eswatini, and the mystery of the lost clause

Eswatini proposes a new clause to be added to the Working paper of African Union (AU) on Saturday afternoon, a debate left unanswered. 

After the arrival of a guest speaker, the notion of transparency gained importance, leading Eswatini to introduce a 4th section on the topic of China's transparency towards the AU. 

The delegation believes the growth of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is in decline and no explicit information is given about the initiative. 


Equatorial Guinea counter-argued the necessity of a 4th section, debating the necessity of it as transparency is already mentioned in the 3rd section about AU trading system. Eswantini disagrees with the statement, claiming transparency was only discussed regarding the AU. 

The suggestion by Equatorial Guinea to discuss sustainability erased Eswatini's suggestion of an added clause, leaving the topic suspended.

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