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[Reuters] Afghanistan Hopes for UN Humanitarian Aid for Afghan Women Living under Taliban

In UN Women, Afghanistan’s delegate asked to clarify certain points addressed in yesterday’s article. The delegation, which represents the exiled government of Afghanistan which made progress regarding women’s rights in the past, acknowledges the challenges represented by the Taliban taking over the country, especially regarding adequate health care for women and children in crisis situations. While the exiled government currently has little means to act in their own country, they are instead hoping for more humanitarian aid programmes from the United Nations. They are thus looking for support from the other member states present in the committee to help the women in Afghanistan. Instead of only focusing on the losses caused by the Taliban, the delegate of Afghanistan tries to concentrate on possible solutions to improve women’s lives under the Taliban government. We will follow the discussions to observe how these ambitions will influence further actions.

- Elisabeth L. Schreiber, World News correspondent at Reuters


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