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Light, Lit, Neon!

Black and white? More like neon everything and everywhere. No gray in sight.

After this evening, someone dare to say one more time that EuroMUN is not a platform for creatives.

As night fell on Thursday, formal attire turned into neon-colored vêtements.

Imagine the following. You walk into an old, repurposed church. If the beautiful architecture has not yet taken your breath, this will. You walk past a glow stick stand. You equip yourself. You pass a Do-It-Yourself face paint stand. You slap some color onto your face, your body, and your friends. Now that you’re fully embellished, you’re ready to swim through the night like a little firefish, lighting up the dancefloor.

Wall to wall coverage on their Tiktok!

Glowy McGlowyface, Buzzfeed


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