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[Global Times] UN Security Council - Comments from the People's Republic of China

Speaking to the Global Times The People’s Republic of China’s delegate celebrated the success of the P5 caucus on getting the important countries to work together. Agreeing with the delegate of the United States, they maintained that the other key players in this committee are Kenya and Gabon. Kenya has the interest of the African Union and African countries at heart. This at the end of the day, according to China’s delegate, reiterates the message that the debate at hand is not a question of ideologies nor a question of East vs West. The P5 meeting gave hope to reaching a passable resolution, and that no one will be waiting to use a veto but are rather all attempting to reach a resolution.

Regarding China’s Belt and Road Initiative in Africa, the delegate expressed the belief that Sudan is at the crossroads between trade routes and that it is only natural to expand the BRI across Africa and into Sudan. The goal of the BRI is to reach more countries at the heart of Africa. Africa as a continent has immense economic potential and only needs to be boasted, according to China’s delegate. In the end, the BRI will benefit both Sudan and China.

- Nick O’ Teen, UNSC correspondent

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