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Eggspect the Uneggspected

Happy Easter to all those celebrating! As my sunny-side up special sunday summary, this week, it’s all egg related. So strap in, and suffer through all the egg puns I lay out in this article.

In Brazil, a team of artists has unveiled the world's largest decorated Easter egg, and it's no yolk. This egg-ceptional creation measures over 14 meters tall and is decorated with vibrant colors and intricate designs. To put it into perspective, it's bigger than three giraffes stacked on top of each other!

This eggs-traordinary Easter egg was created using a variety of materials, including fiberglass, resin, and paint. It took the team over six months to design and build this colossal egg. As such, it has won a Guinness World Record for the largest decorated Easter egg ever created.

In other news, recent articles have highlighted the growing trend of people traveling to freeze their eggs, often referred to as "egg-cations." Egg freezing has become a popular option for women who want to delay motherhood for various reasons, such as career goals or medical issues. Egg freezing has become a booming industry, with some women traveling to countries such as Spain and Greece for the procedure. These egg-venturous women can combine their egg-cation with a holiday and return home with a plan to start a family when they are ready.

Egg-streme inflation has hit the UK this Easter season, with the cost of chocolate eggs and hot cross buns cracking up. The egg-sorbitant prices are a result of increased inflation and supply chain issues caused by the pandemic. Chocolate egg lovers are egg-stremely disappointed as prices have soared, with some eggs costing almost double compared to last year. Eggs-perts in the egg-nomics field say that the price hike is due to a combination of factors, including Brexit-related supply chain issues and rising inflation.

As I wrap up this egg-citing article, I hope you enjoyed all the egg puns I’ve hatched. From the world's largest decorated Easter egg in Brazil to the growing trend of egg-cations for egg freezing, and even the egg-straordinary prices of Easter treats in the UK, it's clear that eggs are a big part of this Easter season. Whether you prefer your eggs painted, fried, or in chocolate form, we wish you an egg-cellent Easter filled with all the egg-stravagant delights you love.

Happy Easter!


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