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Conflict, party, and the sun

As we are enjoying this beautiful, sunny weather and spring finally seems to be close now, let’s have a glance at a selection of the major events that happened these last days.

POLITICS The ongoing military conflict between Ukraine and Russia has gotten much more severe this week. More than 100,000 Russian soldiers are now stationed at Ukraine’s borders. On Saturday, some states’ governments, like Spain, Germany, and the Netherlands asked their nationals to leave Ukraine as soon as possible in fear of a further escalation of the conflict. Australia moved its embassy from Kiev, the capital, to a place near the Polish border. As the foreign ministers and diplomats of Western states like France, Germany, and the USA are trying to resolve the issue in a diplomatic manner, the Ukrainian people are preparing for the worst. Reportedly, the Ukrainian national army would have very small chances to defeat the Russian troops. According to BBC and CNN, civilists' involvement in military exercises is increasing.

POLITICS What began as truck driver protests of unvaccinated truckers in Canada, who were now requested to get the jab when crossing the Canadian border to the United States, turned into more general protests against Canada’s pandemic restrictions and its Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The country’s requirements are among the most stringent in the Western world. Over the past two weeks, protesters have blocked important border routes, including the Ambassador Bridge, a crossing that is vital to the supply chains of the global automotive industry.

CULTURE Many Maastricht students and residents were disappointed when the long-planned and awaited protest parties scheduled for Saturday evening were canceled again at the very last minute. As nightclubs have to keep their doors shut for weeks as part of the legislation against the spread of COVID-19, Maastricht nightlife entrepreneurs have called for a one-time, protest opening, named ‘De nacht staat op’ (the night rises). On Friday, they received a letter from the municipal authority, threatening them with fines between 10,000 and 50,000 euros and further steps in case they open on Saturday. Especially disappointing for hundreds of Complex ticket holders who were looking forward to a night of dancing, good music, and fun. Instead of inside Complex, a party was held just outside at De Griend, protesting against the decision of the Gemeente.

I hope you are not too disappointed that clubs couldn’t open on Saturday night. At least the sun is out today - something that occurs nearly as rare as an open nightclub in the last weeks. Enjoy your Sunday!


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