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[AP] Confidential Draft leaks in European Parliament 

A European Parliament (EP) resolution was leaked to the Associated Press on Saturday ahead of a vote on benefits for students and cultural education that passed with some far-right support.

Representatives of the far-right party Identity and Democracy (ID) told AP reporters they did not agree to the inclusion of Ukraine in the proposal as the Eastern European country is currently at war with Russia. Instead of supply weapons to the nation under attack, EP members should focus on negotiating with the aggressor. They welcomed, however, increased education on cultural issues of the member states, stating that they did not believe traveling abroad as a means to open once horizon, instead believing in national education that would establish a sense of home. Others were outraged about the lack of discussions around migration..

A member of the FDP told reporters, “for the benefit of the EU we need these things to pass.” 

The liberal party presented paragraphs such as the cultural visa, green and cultural policy as positive outcomes of the resolution. 

The proposal, being brought through the Parliament with votes from far right parties like the German Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), is not without controversy. Collaboration with such parties has been criticized by multiple experts, namely Ulf Buermeyer, German lawyer and host of the news Podcast Lage der Nation. He has repeatedly called out parties that benefit from far right votes which, according to him, are normalizing anti-democratic positions and actions in democratic institutions.

Pressed on these issues, FDP referred to the legitimacy of the elections with which far right parties have acquired seats, stating that all voices were heard although they did not agree with AfD values.

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